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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Prayer Socks and I Coulda Been Done Already

It appears that the Cubbies have a shot at playing post season.
How about cheering them along with some prayer socks?
Just like a prayer shawl, but socks. Stitch and pray for homers, strikeouts, and stolen bases.
We have some Lorna's Laces in sport and sock weight
in Cub colors as well as some Louet Gems in the right colors.
Just an idea. One of our customers is doing
it and swears that the 10 - 1 victory was due to her knitting.
Go Cubbies.

I am making this:

This is from the Teva Durham pattern book from Tahki/Stacy
Charles. I started Thursday but am still not done because I never did a
gauge swatch and I used the wrong size needles twice.
It uses three yarns held together for a big stitch but it is still very light.
So many big knits are soooo heavy and stiff.
This is very drapey and soft.
I will finish today or tomorrow.

My colors are orange, mustard and brown. Sharon picked them out after
every combo I showed her produced this reply: "Are you still going to
have the same hair color? That does not go with your hair."
It really is a great combination.
I have a great vintage button picked out, too.

I love these patterns from Teva Durham and am looking
at doing something else out of the book.


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