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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More great stuff has arrived!

We just got a box from Frabjous Fibers full of Sari Silk yarn, a very basic cotton yarn and for you vegans - a yarn named Vegan made of recycled cotton. Plus we got really great felted needle cases and accessories pouches. And bookplates, too. These are beyond adorable. The prices are very fair.

If you are a spinner, we also got pure silk thrums from Frabjous. Check out our other fibers: merino, cormo, cormo mixes, and superwash merino. Most are hand-dyed.

Other great boxes have arrived this weekend so there is plenty of yarn to choose from. Sock yarn, sure alpaca, sweater kits from Habu. And we have more surprises on the way. Keep an eye on this space.

Sharon & I are working on the class schedule. If you have any requests, send us an e-mail.



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