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Thursday, October 26, 2006

More Roving!

We got even more roving, this time from Pear Tree. It is 100% Australian Merino. We have 6 colors plus natural white. I spun some up on the wheel and on my spindle. It is very slippery. I did a much better job on the wheel versus the spindle.

I spun some of the cormo on both the wheel and the spindle. It went much better on the spindle than the wheel.

I gauge my success on how thin I can get the yarn and how consistent my yarn is. The cormo has tons of crimp so I can draft with a heavy hand and get the yarn I want. The merino is so much smoother so my heavy handed drafting causes problems.

The dyed roving from Pear Tree is beautiful. The shades are pale, not saturated. Lovely. The dyed cormo has much more vibrant shades. The variegated has both low contrast and high contrast colorways.

Stop in and see it.



Blogger Katy said...

yay for wool!

10/27/2006 7:03 AM  
Blogger Katy said...

When is the next class cycle? I want to get a proposal for Weavette class(es) to you soon, but I'm wondering when you need them by.

Talk to you tonight.

10/27/2006 7:16 AM  

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