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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pretty Yarn! Pretty Yarn!

After 8 years of buying yarn I am still surprised by how big my heart is that I can fall in love with yarn all the time. Same goes for Sharon.

We got a fill-in order from Karabella Yarns of Aurora 8. Aurora 8 is the greatest worsted merino on the planet. They were out of cream so I ordered a color very much like it. I opened the box and oooooooooooooooh. It isn't yellow like a cream it is more of an oatmeal. White, merino - the most basic of yarns and I fell in love.

Sharon opened new color cards from Lorna's Laces. Had to have the the new butternut color. Luckily, Amanda from Lorna's called at just that minute and Sharon was able to put her request in: one bag bulky. She jumped up and down with joy, okay, more of a bouncing motion. She knows exactly what she is doing.

A bog box of Jitterbug sock yarn arrived, too. 35 colors. 34 great colors, one so-so. I'm sure someone will like that one color that I think is so-so.

Come in and check it out. We know it is really cold but come on in, the wool is warm.



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