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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Between the Brisket and the Chicken....

Passover is just days away and it is once again time for a special tradition at Arcadia Knitting. It seems that on Passover we always get a couple of people escaping the kitchen between when the brisket comes out and the chicken has to go in. We were raised Catholic and it took us awhile to realize what was happening. In the past few years on Passover we have waited and watched and lo and behold every year people walk through the door and say: "We're just taking a break from the kitchen, not really here to shop." Sometimes they just need a break after starting the chopped liver at 6 am because that's when Aunt Rose does it and if they don't learn soon the recipe will die with Aunt Rose. Note, there is a suspicion that Aunt Rose is holding something back. Sometimes it's your nephew's wife making you nuts. Once, the brisket just fell apart and she couldn't face it. This year Sharon and I are ready. We have some macaroons and Sharon will try her hand at honey cake. So please stop by between the brisket and the chicken.



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