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Monday, November 19, 2007

You didn't make a mistake - the pattern is wrong

When you're having problems with a pattern don't assume you're the problem. Most likely, it's the pattern. With the growth in demand for knitting patterns, designers and publishers are having a hard time keeping up. Mistakes happen a lot.

So here are some basic hints. Check the publishers website for corrections. Check an online community like Knitty, Knitter's Review or Ravelry and see if others had the same problem.

My most memorable pattern issue was with a pattern from Scarf Style. Some one just couldn't get past row 5. Count wasn't working. I made three passes at it and I couldn't get anywhere. Finally, the knitter (a librarian who knows how to get and use information) called the designer and asked her. The designer swore there was no problem - if - if - you realized that to make that double decrease you would have to steal one stitch from outside the repeat line.

Okay. If there is a line that marks the repeat, I respect that. I would never have thought to steal a stitch.

So, it's not you, it's the pattern.


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