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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

And that's why they call it Baby Surprise

We just finished up a class on the Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman. We used the directions at the back of the Knitting Workshop book. We had a very good mix of new and experienced knitters. I hadn't made one in years so it was a journey of re-discovery for me, too.

This is what we learned:

Don't stop doing it until she says so.
Do the math for the decreases and the increases to help you figure out how many ridges you will have.
If you are a stitch or two off, a row or two off, no worries.
In fact, if you keep your markers in the right spot don't take the time to count stitches.
No, there is no gauge. She assumes you will find a baby to fit the jacket, not the other way around.

I described her directions as elliptical.

Everyone used some self striping dk weight yarn and everything looked great. I have had a great time making one and see how it is a go to baby gift for the generations.


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