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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Utility & Beauty

Knitting brings many joys. I love the pain and agony of searching for a new project and matching yarn to a project and vice versa. Should I look at my wardrobe and see what I am missing? Should I just find something beautiful and make what I love?

When I start I love the feel of the yarn. Right now I am testing a soon to be free pattern for Sharon using the new Mooi from Louet. Oh my word this stuff is luscious: 15% bison, 15% cashmere and 70% bamboo. It has a sheen to it. I am a sucker for sheen. The hand is so soft and butter. There is a slight loft. That is another joy: the tactile joy.

Finally, use brings joy. I love that my feet are warm, my head is dry, and my neck feels no draft. These beautiful objects that have brought me such joy in selecting and making also are part of my day to day life. They will be part of my memories: I was wearing my Jitterbug shawl when this happened, I was wearing my Arianne when that happened. Many joys.

I hope that it is the same for you.


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Blogger Marcy said...

Oh that Mooi! Every time I see it I am drawn in.

11/14/2008 5:44 PM  

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