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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hi - We're back

Sorry for the long silence but Stitch N' Pitch took a lot of time. Great success: over 300 people at the park, a spot on NBC Chicago morning news, a piece with Gionafer Fields of WBEZ/NPR, and finally, wonderfully a committee to work with. While I know everyone who goes loves to see each other at the park and have fun, the real purpose of this event is to raise awareness for the needlearts. I think we may be getting close to fulfilling that goal.

In other news, it's the start of fall and things should be coming in now. Exciting new things. For you eco-conscious people some very exciting things. I found some wonderful yarns at TNNA that I just loved.

About my projects, I have been tackling some iconic projects that have just been getting the better of me. I have been trying to make a final push on an Arianne cardi by ChicKnits but keep f*^$ing up and having to frog. Multiple mistakes, multiple frogs. I am at the point where all the pieces are joined and I am decreasing the raglan sleeves. Forgot to do the buttonhole, frog, didn't stop doing the yarn over at the same time across the row, frog, forgot a decrease, frog.

I am also working on the Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn Clark. I just realized that I am likely reading the chart wrong. Thankfully this means less of the horrible & beautiful nups. We just got Addi Lace Needles in the shop and I will switch to those to see if I can see the difference. Yes, I know, those needles have been out for a awhile and we just got them in? Sharon doesn't buy beta. Also, after a certain point no one asked for them. And looking at them I can't see much of a difference in the tip. I will try and test and see if they solve my problems.


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Blogger bcat said...

OMG--Addi lace needles near home!! Thank you so much. They are fabulous and much better than regular needles for lace--- and make those nupps breeze by....just make them looser than you can imagine. I'm about ready to begin my second swallowtail. See you soon.

8/17/2008 11:12 AM  
Anonymous Dami O said...

I was wondering if you guys donate yarn to school knitting groups. I would appreciate it if you got back to me on that at:

We are a knitting group that hopes to make items that we can donate to some charities.

9/08/2008 2:11 PM  

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