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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finishing Up & Moving On

I got ahead of myself and started too many projects so now I have to buckle down and finish things. I am finally sewing together a green cardigan that I started over a year ago. I got stuck, put it away and just didn't pick it up until a few weeks ago. I would have been done much sooner if: I had had an equal number of stitches in the sleeves, if I hadn't forgotten a buttonhole, if I hadn't been inconsistent in integrating the pattern into the raglan decreases, if I hadn't realized there wasn't enough yarn and I had to rip back and decrease faster in order to have enough yarn to finish. Now I have one sleeve to sew up and I have to pick some buttons. I may have to go back and do the collar again.

You know what else? It's too long for me. I finished another sweater a few weeks ago that looked horrible on me...but looked great on Sharon. How much do you want to bet this one will look good on her, too.

But I still enjoyed myself. I still have an endless stream of things I want to do.



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