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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Yak yarn is here! It's super soft and repels water. It's a perfect little luxury to wear in the cold days coming up. Riding the CTA involves waiting and shivering and big gusts of wind, snow, sleet and ick. So we ordered CTA colors! Red line, blue line, green line, brown line and purple line! We have a perfect hat and mitten pattern so make yourself a set for winter. Also makes a great gift!

I am working on a mitten and hat set. Watch for details.


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Hi!!! It's been awhile. But we've been busy. I went to TNNA and found some great stuff for winter. Things will be arriving in August and every week or so will mean new goodies until Christmas. I can't tell you exactly when things will arrive because some of the vendors are not dependable.

Best quote of the week? Sharon, natch.

"I've been knitting in the round on these size 0 needles forever...and I still have two inches to go!"

Note, an hour later she had and inch and a half to go.