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Friday, September 19, 2008

What you missed when you didn't come to Friday Night BYOP

Other than getting a great preview of the new yarns we just got in before the weekend hordes descend, you missed this:

Kathy, on phone to husband: "Wash the chicken, pat it dry, go into the cavity and pull out and extra globs of chicken fat."

Husband: Like the sound Linus's teacher Miss Othmar from the Peanuts cartoon.

Kathy: "Look on the inside. There is usually a glob of fat."

Husband: Same as above.

Kathy: "Salt and pepper the inside & outside. Roll the lemons on the counter to soften them up. Poke holes in the lemon with a fork or knife."

Husband: Same as above.

Kathy: "About twelve holes. Go into the pulp. No, not all the way to the other side."

Husband: Same as above.

Kathy: "Tie the legs. Bend back the wings. Square pan. Blue square pan. In the cabinet next to the stove. Okay, how about the white round pan over the stove. Okay, how about the blue glass pan. Anything that fits the chicken will work. Okay, fine."

Husband: Same as above.

Kathy: "Breast side down. If you put it in the pan and you poke the top is it boney or fleshy? Are the knees pointing up or down? The knees should be pointing down. The wings should be on top. Yes, knees down, wings on top, boney on top, fleshy on the bottom."

Husband: Same as above.

Kathy: "Oh, the lemons are falling out. Use a toothpick to close the opening. Yes, fold the flaps over and poke the toothpick through. No, I don't see how you can hurt yourself. No, I can't imagine you'd have to go to the emergency room."

Husband: Same as above.

Kathy: "Love you, too. I'll take care of the brussell sprouts when I get home."

Actually it went on much longer.


When pretty and soft meet it's called Shepherds Wool by Stonehedge Fiber Mill

I found Shepherds Wool by Stonehedge Fiber Mill at TNNA and fell in love. I bought the softer colors that have flecks of color for a subtle tweedy look. Very subtle but lovely. The hand is incredible. The wool is all kinds of soft and squishy and lovely.

It's a worsted weight, 250 yards and $11.50 per skein. Please come in and buy it before I take it all home.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Finishing Up & Moving On

I got ahead of myself and started too many projects so now I have to buckle down and finish things. I am finally sewing together a green cardigan that I started over a year ago. I got stuck, put it away and just didn't pick it up until a few weeks ago. I would have been done much sooner if: I had had an equal number of stitches in the sleeves, if I hadn't forgotten a buttonhole, if I hadn't been inconsistent in integrating the pattern into the raglan decreases, if I hadn't realized there wasn't enough yarn and I had to rip back and decrease faster in order to have enough yarn to finish. Now I have one sleeve to sew up and I have to pick some buttons. I may have to go back and do the collar again.

You know what else? It's too long for me. I finished another sweater a few weeks ago that looked horrible on me...but looked great on Sharon. How much do you want to bet this one will look good on her, too.

But I still enjoyed myself. I still have an endless stream of things I want to do.