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Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Need More Sweaters!

When and how did this happen? Somehow, I don't have enough sweaters or the right sweaters. Every morning I go through my collection and some how there are too many pullovers, too big of a gauge, not the right style, not the right color. Huh?

It's winter, heat is expensive, and I own a yarn store so I actively promote the wearing of sweaters by being a shining example. But I feel as if I have fallen down on the job.

I certainly knit a lot. I produce things. Where are they? Let's take a little inventory of past projects. My body has changed in the last few years and what used to work on me no longer does. That was reflected in a few completed sweaters that somehow look great on Sharon. Some of my production goes to shop models. Before the store all production was about me all the time. The projects I do now are much more varied: lace shawls, socks, hats, crochet, etc.

I don't follow patterns a lot and when I do results vary. Ask me about my swallowtail lace shawl. It looks like none other. Patterns for me are just a jumping off point which leads to a lot of stops and starts. Lots of knitting, lots of ripping.

I was working on a sweater from a kit but when I finished the back and sleeves it was obvious that there was not enough yarn. The yarn came on cones so I couldn't do my old trick of weighing finished pieces versus yarn remaining to guesstimate whether I would finish or not. So, I went up a needle size, re-worked the pattern and I hope found a way to get it done.

So, it's an early New Year's Resolution to get back in there and make some sweaters!

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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Yak Yarn - Knit, Worn, Tested and Approved

We have pure yak down yarn. It is extremely soft. I knit a pair of mittens and hat for myself. The yarn was a dream to knit with. Very soft and bouncey. By bouncey I mean it had some squishiness, some give to it. It was just a joy to knit with. I may make a sweater, hmm. Slippers for the house would be very nice, too.

Wearing the yak is lovely, too. No scratchiness. My hands are warm and not clammy. It blocks the wind. Rain, snow and sleet don't penetrate the fabric. I cleaned the snow off the car this morning and the snow just evaporated.

The only downside of the mittens is that people can't see you flip them off when you are driving. And I mean you lady - when I pull over for the ambulance that is not your opportunity to swing past me and keep on going - see, you almost hit the ambulance head on - yeah you, ma'am.

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