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Monday, October 20, 2008

MMMMMemories, like the corners of my mind.....

Okay, I started a new sweater from a Habu kit that we had been selling a few years ago. I had it at home and was saving it for a special day. Well, I guess we can say that that special day was when I finished a number of other things I had to finish.

I swatched and was on gauge. I started and after a few moments got a funny feeling. The yarn while not at all like anything I had worked with before was knitting up to look kind of like a yarn I had made a sweater out of in 1986. 22 years ago.

The style is not the same at all. In 1986 the style was very much a Chanel look. I think the pattern was from Pinguoin. Now that's a name that takes my mind back to leggings and big sweaters and big jewelry. Ooooops, that's what you have on now? Well, good for you!

So what's the point? I liked that old sweater. I'll like this new sweater. Pattern magazines come and go, yarn comes and goes, but it is nice to think that sometimes you can have a little bit of the past made new in your hands.

Bye the bye, great new yarns in stock! Lovely, and I mean lovely dk wool/silk blend from Karabella.


Franklin is Coming!!!

Fresh off his major success at Rhinebeck Franklin Habit will be at Arcadia Knitting on Sunday, October 26th. Visit the website for details. Call the store if you want to reserve a copy of his fabulous book "It Itches".

Come join in the merriment!