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Wednesday, November 29, 2006


It's the time of year when we all have traditions we like to celebrate. One of my favorite traditions at Arcadia Knitting is the telling of the holiday stories. We have been with you all as you have worked so hard on all the fabulous gifts for all your loved ones. And we love to hear how they reacted. Were they speechless? Were they overjoyed? Or, something else entirely.

For instance, some one worked very hard on a Christmas stocking for her brother-in-law. There were multiple consultations on the color of the reindeer. The stocking was finished in plenty of time for the holidays. She was full of anticipation when she got the her parents' house to see how her brother-in-law liked the stocking. But he wasn't there. Neither was her sister. Her sister was in Bermuda without her husband, intended recipient of the stocking, because she was divorcing him. So, how long had her sister let her work on the stocking knowing there was no need for it?

Come in after the holidays and tell us a story. If it's good, you'll get a a treat.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

More great stuff has arrived!

We just got a box from Frabjous Fibers full of Sari Silk yarn, a very basic cotton yarn and for you vegans - a yarn named Vegan made of recycled cotton. Plus we got really great felted needle cases and accessories pouches. And bookplates, too. These are beyond adorable. The prices are very fair.

If you are a spinner, we also got pure silk thrums from Frabjous. Check out our other fibers: merino, cormo, cormo mixes, and superwash merino. Most are hand-dyed.

Other great boxes have arrived this weekend so there is plenty of yarn to choose from. Sock yarn, sure alpaca, sweater kits from Habu. And we have more surprises on the way. Keep an eye on this space.

Sharon & I are working on the class schedule. If you have any requests, send us an e-mail.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Quick Projects for the Holidays

We have learned over the years that our customers use Thanksgiving to learn the colors of their relatives winter coats. So take special notice what Uncle Walt is wearing and come in and find the perfect color. A new box of Chunky Alpaca from Misti Alpacas just arrived.

We have looked around the store and found some great quick knits for last minute presents.

1. Big House Sock

I just made a sock out of Blue Sky Alpaca Worsted. I used size 9 needles and it took me three hours to make one sock. It is a perfect around the house sock for winter. If you have a long car ride or plane ride coming up, this is a great project. The pattern is free. Two skeins make the pair.

2. Aunt Kay's Scarf

This is a great neck warmer that takes about 200 yards of worsted weight yarn. The scarf has a ribbed tube to pull the ends through each other and to snug the scarf around your neck. It is warm without being bulky. It looks great in plain or variegated yarns. One skein of Malabrigo worsted gets it done. The pattern is free.

3. A Crocheted Scarf

Blue Sky Alpaca has a gorgeous pattern for crocheters. It is lacey and ruffley. The pattern is surprisingly easy. It has one trick to learn and then it is smooth sailing. Ask Kathy for the secret. You can use any of three Blue Sky Alpaca yarns: Alpaca & Silk, Alpaca Sport, or their super luxurious Royal Alpaca.

All these projects make great gifts for special people and the most special person of all, you.


Saturday, November 11, 2006

We have ordered spring yarn - already

Yes, yesterday we ordered yarns for spring. It's not even Thanksgiving. This is not the first rep who called to see us. We have put off other reps who wanted to see us EARLIER saying it was too early.

For spring, so far, I think we are really looking at alternate fibers like bamboo and soy.

We also have some exciting new fall stuff coming late November and early December. If you need inspiration for winter projects, there should be new yarns here.

And more roving. I looked at the Louet cards and saw some fibers that looked really great and that I think are not your run of the mill Corriedale or Merino. Super De-Haired Baby Llama, anyone?

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Shannon Okey ROCKS!

We had Shannon Okey, author of "Spin to Knit" and "Knitgrrl" here on Saturday. It was fun, fun. Shannon is all energy. She gave a great class on spinning with alternative fiber. She is a total enabler. She roped in a woman visiting from New York and another woman who was here working on a sweater and taught them to spin.

She just knows so much and loves what she does so much. She brought great energy to the shop on a cold Saturday.

See pics here:

We want her to come back in the worst way. We'll keep you posted