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Thursday, September 21, 2006

New yarn! New Yarn! More every day!

I was pricing the KidLin from Louet, formerly known as KidLin Pixie, and was very sad that I haven't had time to make anything out of it. It is sooo pretty: a strand of lace weight linen and a strand of lace weight mohair wound together. Not plyed, just together, living in perfect harmony. The mohair is in a soft color and the linen is in the same shade, maybe a tone or two off, but gorgeous together. Where is the 25th hour of my day that I can make something with this yarn?

The colors we have eight great colors to choose from. It makes great lace patterns. It would make a great shawl. With the right color of yarn to hold with it, it would make a great afghan.

Yesterday a Mom was in with her boys. They were told not to take off thier coats because it was going to be a short stop. The 3 year-old took off his coat. Mom replied "Okay, but don't take off anything else." There must be a story in that.


Friday, September 15, 2006

I had a zen moment on my socks. (Soxie by Great Adirondack, IK Embossed Leaves Pattern, Winter 2006.) I had a moment where it wasn't about the sock and how warm it would be on the el platform in February. For a moment it was just about that row and those stitches.

We are not having a lot of Zen moments in the shop now. We have gone wireless and got a new camera and our computers are not responding well to change. I think its like when you bring a new kitty in the house expecting the old kitty to love it immediately. But to old kitty, it's sibling rivalry. So the old is having problems with the new.

Classes are really going well. If you are thinking about signing up, do so. Amigurumi is closed. Cable hat is full. Others are filling up.

Monday, September 11, 2006


I'm working on a Nora Gaughan sweater from the Fall Interweave Knits: Supernova Pullover, page 88. I'm using the Ultra Alpaca and one ball lasted for 11 inches before it was time to join a new ball. 11 inches by 20 inches wide!! Wohoo.

The Ultra Alpaca is also very soft and springy. It has a great feel. The colors are great: we have mostly the heathers in the shop. So far I have re-ordered this yarn twice. People love it.

What else am I working on right now?

Socks from another Interweave Knits pattern: Embossed Leaves Socks, Winter 2006, page 96. I'm using the Soxie from Great Adirondack. Lovely yarn and the coloring is great: reds, navy, toast, and some purple. It's just a great colorway for fall socks. I'm experimenting and knitting with 2 circular needles. One needle is an Addi, the other is Crystal Palace. The yarn does not go over the Crystal Palace join as well as the Addi. The Addi is a little slippery. Neither needle is perfect but they are both doing the job.

A vest of Suri Brushed Alpaca & Alpaca & Silk from Blue Sky Alpacas. Very close to being done. I just have to get the shoulders done when I have a long block of quiet time.

I have pulled the yarn for a jacket from the S. Charles Fall 2006 booklet. It will be a crocheted jacket out of Trina from Adrienne Vittadini. They show the jacket in high contrasting yarns. I'm going to go tone on tone and do reds, purples, pinks, and oranges. I can't start it until I finish the vest.